What is an EWPA Yellow Card in Australia?

ewpa yellow cards australia

Australian EWP Yellow Card licences.

The Yellow Card program is designed to ensure that the holder has been trained in the safe use and operation of various types of elevated work platforms (EWPs).

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What is an EWP Yellow Card in Australia?

The EWPA Operator Training Program or “Yellow Card” was created as the result of the EWPA working with industry, helping them to comply with the WHS/OHS/OSH Acts and regulation.

his Yellow Card program was designed to ensure that the Yellow Card holder is trained in the safe use and operation of various types of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs or commonly referred to as EWPs).

The EWPA Yellow Card provides ‘evidence’ of this training. The overall intention of the Yellow Card Program is to assist operators, employers, equipment owners and manufacturers to more easily be able to comply with the WHS/OHS/OSH Regulation.

Work health and safety regulations are in place to protect people in the workplace. The EWPA “Yellow Card” is an industry training program helping to provide a safer workplace for all.

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Why you need a Yellow Card to operate an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) in Australia

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations (referred to as Occupational Health and Safety or OSH/OHS in WA and VIC) state that employers or businesses have a legal obligation under work health and safety laws to provide their staff, visitors and contractors with a safe workplace.

As a part of their duty of care these employers or businesses must

  • Provide and maintain a safe work environment
  • Provide and maintain safe plant and structures
  • Provide and maintain safe systems of work
  • Provide instruction, training, information and supervision
  • Monitor the health of workers and conditions at the workplace

The WHS Regulations require that operators of plant equipment must undergo activity-based instruction and training. Verbal instruction is not deemed to be an effective method of training as it lacks written proof of competency evidence.

The Yellow Card provides proof of completion of an EWP course

The Yellow Card provides proof of completion of training on one or more ‘types’ of MEWPs. There are a number of training modules covering the various types of MEWPs to be operated –

While these are all classed as MEWPs, each one is different in its use and safe operation and therefore require separate training modules to be completed.

After successfully completing the EWPA Yellow Card, the operator is issued a photo ID licence and their licence details are added to the EWPA’s online database (approximately 350,000 operators nation-wide) which sites can use to independently verify the validity of the operator’s licence.

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How do you renew your EWPA Yellow Card?

Yellow Cards produced after 1st July 2016

EWPA Yellow Cards produced after 1 July 2013 have a photo ID and 5-year expiry. If you hold the photo ID version of the EWPA Yellow Card you are eligible to renew your Yellow Card. You will be emailed 30 days prior to the expiry date to notify you that your card is about to expire with Instructions on how to renew your EWPA Yellow Card.

If you have been operating EWPs regularly and maintained your practical skills, you will be able to complete an online renewal. This online renewal costs $50 and will require you to complete a declaration followed by a series of questions that will verify your knowledge and operation of EWPs.

More information: Renew your EWPA Yellow Card online »

Unsuccessful online renewal of EWP course

You will be given 3 attempts to successfully complete the online renewal. If you receive an unsuccessful outcome, you will be directed to undertake face-to-face EWPA training. Upon successful completion, you will be re-issued your EWPA Yellow Card with a revised 5-year expiry date.

If you haven’t been using elevated work platforms at least once a month

If you have not been using EWPs regularly (at least once a month) or do not feel you have maintained the skills to operate EWPs safely, it may be beneficial to undertake a face-to-face EWPA training course.

If your licence has expired for more than 6 months

For licences that have expired more than 6 months ago you will be required to complete face-to-face training.

More information: EWP Yellow Card face-to-face training courses »

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About Training for Higher

Training For Higher has been preparing trainees to operate EWP’s safely for over 7 years.

Head trainer, Phil Rutter, has been in the EWP industry for over 13 years. In that time he has worked for EWP Manufacturers, Access Hire Yards and EWP Training Companies. Phil has also previously held the position of Secretary of the Elevating Work Platforms Association NSW. To date, Phil has trained 3000+ workers across a broad range of industries. Exposure to such a broad range of EWP related industries has equipped Phil with the knowledge required to deliver a course that is both informative and entertaining. He is also noted for his patience and understanding to trainees who have English as a second language.

Training for Higher courses are held at Australian Boom and Scissors or can be conducted at the client’s site if required.  Our training courses are informal and consistently receive positive feedback from participants.

We also understand that sometimes training is required urgently to get on to a site. We are therefore flexible enough to be able to take next day bookings after hours if required.

EWPA Yellow Card Training Courses

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Australian Boom and Scissors
3 Lennox Place
Wetherill Park NSW 2164
Sydney Australia

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Call: 0415 976 657
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