EWP Training – Scissor Lift, Vertical Lift and Boom Lift Course.

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EWPA Yellow Card Licence

Our standard course includes 3 modules, Scissor lift (no height restriction, vertical lift (no height restriction) and boom lifts (restricted to 11 metres), boom lift over 11 metres is covered by the High Risk Work License (WP). On successful completion of the course, trainees receive an automated email from the EWPA stating that they have passed the course and their license number. This can be used as proof of attainment while waiting for the Yellow Card to be printed. Cards are typically received within 3 weeks.

Features of our EWP licence training courses :

  • Courses conducted at your site
  • We accept last-minute bookings
  • We are EWPA Accredited
  • We cover 3 modules, scissor, boom and vertical lift (you will need to have the devices on site to receive the accreditation).
  • We start early and finish early
  • We have a course guarantee
  • You will have an Industry Experienced trainer
  • We are competitively priced
  • Fast and easy registration over the phone – call 0415 976 657 or send a text now

EWPA Course Modules

Scissor Lift Training Module (SL)

No height restrictions. 

The Scissor Lift is the most commonly used EWP worldwide. Successful completion of the Scissor Lift module enables trainees to operate scissor lifts with no height restrictions.  This includes all scissor lift types such as electric slab or 4WD Rough Terrain diesel scissors.

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sydney scissor lift courses
Sydney Slab Scissor Lift Courses

Boom Lift Licence Training Module (BL)

11 metre height restriction. 

The Boom Lift is required when access issues such as garden beds and awnings etc require a machine with reach. Successful completion of the Boom Lift model enables trainees to operate boom lifts restricted to 11 metres (platform height). This includes electric slab booms and 4WD diesel Booms.

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sydney boom lift course
Sydney Electric Boom Lift Courses

Vertical Lifts Licence Training Module (BL)

No height restrictions. 

The Vertical Lift (sometimes referred to as a man-lift) operates in much the same way as a Scissor Lift. The differences being the lifting mechanism and generally, they are smaller and lighter than scissor lifts, making them ideal for indoor use. They are ideal for multi-story fit-outs as they can safely fit in most passenger elevators and are very maneuverable. Successful completion of the Vertical Lift module enables trainees to operate vertical lifts with no height restrictions. This includes mast and push-around models.

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sydney vertical lift courses
Sydney Vertical Lift Courses Sydney

EWPA Course Information

Number of trainees in a course

There are no minimum course size for courses held Monday – Friday. If we take your booking, the course will be held. That’s our course guarantee, you won’t be receiving a call the night before the course advising of its cancellation due to minimum numbers not being met. Courses run on Saturday by arrangement. Courses are limited to a maximum of 10 trainees.

Scheduled Courses

Courses are run weekdays and Saturdays by arrangement. Courses usually commence at 6.30am if suitable and depending depending on class size, concludes around 12.30pm..

Onsite EWP training courses at your premises

We are happy to travel to the client’s premises provided the minimum requirements to run a course are met, contact us for details.

Other Yellow Card modules

The Yellow Card has 2 other modules covering Trailer Lifts (TL) and Truck Mounts (TM). These can be added by arrangement.


We accept cash or EFT.

Minimum requirements for trainees

At a minimum, trainees must be able to speak English and understand instructions. On the day of training, please bring photo ID, such as a drivers license or passport and sturdy shoes, steel capped if you have them.

Frequently Asked Questions